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I am a fashion journalist who has been working in the magazine and television industry as an editor, stylist and celebrity stylist for over twenty years.

After relocating to Singapore for 4 years, I discovered that when explaining what I do, the most common response was 'do you take personal clients?' It made me realise how how many of us (both male and female) are interested in getting advice on our wardrobes, and how easy it can be to lose direction with what we buy and wear.

I decided to use my day job skills to help reignite that elusive lost style spark we all feel we lose at certain times throughout life. I never work to 'rules' of what you can and can't wear, the aim is to enjoy clothes and feel a revived sense of what you want to look like every time you get dressed.

Plus:  I absolutely don't encourage throwing everything out and start again. Instead I always prefer to start with pieces you have (We ALWAYS discover amazing outfits) and instead fill the gaps to make it really easy to put great outfits together.  And when it comes to new suggestions?  I have a black book heaving with interesting independent brands and stores to introduce you to,  as well as the classics. 


So no, it's definitely NOT all about shopping.

Just drop me a line if you want to hear more


United Kingdom

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