I am a fashion editor who has worked in the magazine industry and as a celebrity stylist for over twenty years.

After relocating to Singapore for 4 years, I discovered that many of the women I was meeting- confident, successful women- were struggling with their style.  Yes it was partly to do with the off the scale humidity, but it was also that for many, as careers , family and life's pressures started to take centre stage, paying attention to their style had fallen down the priority list.  Throwing on an outfit that would tell the world what they were about each day had become anything but easy.

I decided to use the skills, tips and tricks I practise as a fashion and celebrity stylist to help women find their lost style spark, through 'wardrobe edits' and group workshops.  I don't prioritise 'rules' related to age, shape or colouring that can distract us from the main aim:  to FEEL fabulous, and love what we wear and what we put together. Instead I work with clients to discover what you want your clothes to say about you, then make it as easy, and fun as possible to say it, day after day.  And no , it's definitely NOT all about shopping.


United Kingdom

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