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Jessica Knight, Art Consultant

Fall Fashion

'Annabel’s passion, knowledge and gift for styling made my wardrobe edit session a truly wonderful experience. She very quickly gauged how to get the most out of the session and created a relaxing and self confident environment. The follow up document was superb. I was able to successfully search and discover exactly what Annabel had recommended.'

Kylie Dermody, Entrepreneur

Fashion Spreads

"My changing body shape meant my wardrobe no longer worked for me. My wardrobe edit with Annabel made me feel like a million dollars.  She has a talent for seeing exactly what you really want to look like, and and created outfits from my existing wardrobe that I had never considered, balancing what is on trend with what is flattering. I could suddenly see I have a great wardrobe, I just needed to pull it together the right way.

Annabel has made me excited about fashion again.  It's now fun to get dressed and I feel I can translate trends into my own style. She has also saved me so much money as I no longer buy tonnes of things that don't suit me.  I feel like the old cool me is back."  



Victoria Fagan, Marketing 

Clothing Rack

"I went from feeling mumsy and out of touch to far more clued up, and mostly using my existing wardrobe.  Annabel made the process so enjoyable, realigning workwear and off duty looks and encouraging me to rethink how I put outfits together.  I actually uncovered far more outfits than I thought I had.

The follow up document was really useful, outlining the sections of my wardrobe, and identifying key current pieces that would suit my newly revived style.  Now I am so much clearer what my style is and feel empowered for future shopping choices. What a style boost!"


Kelly Downey, Consultant

Girl with Shopping Bags


"Finally I look and feel presentable! Just one morning with Annabel revolutionised my wardrobe.  I love that she challenged me to try different things without changing my underlying style:  she didn't completely tear my wardrobe apart but rather showed me how to wear the clothes I already have better and how to put an outfit together, giving more thought to what works for my shape and colouring and giving a new pop of style while remaining effortless. 


I also loved the online shopping recommendations of what I should consider to fill my wardrobe gaps, and have bought most items.  It now takes me far less time to get ready as I don't need to try on multiple items, I know what works.  Plus my family have noticed a huge boost in my confidence. Thank you so much!"


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